Limited 24 & 48 Hour Carp Fishing Guest Tickets Available Now. Contact Martin Ford on 07769 212762.

Welcome to the latest update as we move into Autumn 2018. It’s been a long warm summer and the carp in particular have benefited from the warmer water and continued feed. Several of our stock carp from five years back, that were stocked at 7lb to 8lb have started to come out as 20lbers. They are stunning fish, all were hand selected for their looks and potential growth… and they’ve proved their worth. It’s estimated that there are around 200 carp currently in Woodsetts, and most of the full syndicate members are frequently getting around four to five takes over a 48hr session. To further boost the stock we are adding 130 smaller carp from 4lb to 10lb in late October this year. These additional carp will provide future big fish and stir up the competition for food among the existing stock… plus increase the number of takes expected…day or night.

We often get phone calls regarding day ticket fishing… yes day tickets are available for Woodsetts, contact us for more details and remember that you will need to book in the day before you intend to fish.

If you do visit as a day angler, please note that there are three marker poles visible down the length of the lake in front of the quarry wall, these are highlighting snag areas…please do not fish near them. Also, and importantly, Woodsetts is a two-rod-only water and you must ensure that you have a large, well-padded unhooking mat and a 42inch landing net… plus safe rigs must be used, the lead must be able to come off in the event of a snag. If you don’t have the above… you will not be allowed to fish.

The stock carp are doing very well and continue to put on weight, and there are many carp now between 17lb and 20lb to be caught.

We introduced a pellet and flaked maize feed diet through the winter months and continue to feed with a new summer/autumn pellet to ensure good, continued growth rates. We have had several phone calls regarding full membership, so once again, if you are reading this, details are on the application page. There are 12 Winter Carp Syndicate tickets available from 1st October each year. These run from October until March and give you day and night fishing. If you take a Winter Syndicate Ticket with us, you automatically go to the front of the full ticket waiting list for the following year’s ‘Full Year Syndicate.
There is no night fishing available for non-members, nights are for full syndicate and winter syndicate members only. (Full members however, are allowed to bring guests at an additional charge.) Day only season permits for carp, coarse and pike are all available. (Winter Pike Permits start on October 1st, details on application page.)

The general coarse fishing for Tench, Bream, Roach and Rudd at Woodsetts has been very good this summer and produce good weights. With Autumn approaching the bigger Bream have now started to show and when they average 7lb, you don’t need many to build a weight. It’s possible to do 70lb of skimmers, on feeder tactics with worm and red maggot as hook bait. The bigger Tench are feeding up for the winter and morning sessions are still prodiucing good fish. Fishery manager Martin Ford is always on hand to give advice and point you in the right direction on swims and methods…just drop us an email or contact by phone for more details. Please respect the fishery and surroundings, leave no litter and enjoy your fishing!