Limited 24 & 48 Hour Carp Fishing Guest Tickets Available Now. Contact Martin Ford on 07769 212762.

Well you’ve joined us as we move into winter and the lake is still fishing exceptionally well with several good carp captures in recent days. Although the lake is run as a syndicate, day ticket and limited over-night guest tickets are available to non-members. For details on day tickets and 24hr and 48hr guest tickets contact Martin Ford on 07769 212762.

Most carp are falling to boilie approach, with a light scattering of feed and either pop-ups or wafters fished over the top. Several fish to 29lb have been caught in recent weeks with some members having up to four fish per 24hr session. The lake is now showing an average of 21lb for carp and there are several carp that have attained high 20lb plus weights this last year, with stock fish attaining 30lb! The deeper water at the bottom end of the lake is starting to be more popular as the fish move away from the shallows for the winter ahead. That said, it’s still possible to catch from the two shallow bays and Woodsetts offers some classic stalking opportunities if you set your stall out correctly! Baiting two or three spots and waiting for fish to move in on them is the best approach to take, often one rod in the right place, close in, can out-score a two-rod approach. Best baits are fishmeal-based boilies fished over pellets and corn, use pop-ups where the weed is still visible to ensure best presentation.

October the 1st saw the start of the Winter Syndicate for carp fishing and also the Winter Pike ticket. The pike fishing has been very good and its possible to get four or five takes per day when fishing with dead baits under a float. Lure fishing is also a good approach, moving swims to locate the fish. Pike fishing is available on day ticket or season permit, for more details or contact Martin Ford on 07769 212762.

The first of the winter work party days took place over the weekend of 17th & 18th and several of the swims at the bottom end of the lake have been completely refurbished. More work will take place in November and December to keep the site and the lake up to a high standard for visiting day and syndicate anglers.

For the general coarse angler Woodsetts offers to very good winter roach, hybrid and bream fishing for those that are prepared to fish the feeder, pole or slider float. Dead red maggots and worm hook baits tend to score on all these methods. Day anglers are welcome provided they book in the day before fishing and can fish from 7am until 4pm from now until end of March 2021.

For any further information on day or guest tickets contact Martin Ford on 07769 212762.