Limited 24 & 48 Hour Carp Fishing Guest Tickets Available Now. Contact Martin Ford on 07769 212762.

As summer slips away it’s been nothing short of an incredible year at Woodsetts with lots of good carp being banked throughout the Summer and early Autumn. The stock fish that were introduced some five years back have done extremely well and we now have a very good head of carp in the 18lb to 21lb bracket that are making regular appearances and providing anglers with several takes in a 48hr session.

The further introduction of some larger carp between 23lb and 28lb last December has further boosted the bigger fish ratio and at the right time of year there are possibly 40 to 50 20lb plus carp present now. Only this week syndicate member Tim Waller caught one of the original fish at a whopping 26lb plus, a good sign that they are on the feed and thriving and definitely enjoying the bait that’s now going in.

As we approach October the 1st there are still some vacancies on the Carp Winter Ticket, which runs from Oct 1st 2019 until end of May 2020. Contact me on the details below for further information. We also see the start of the Pike Syndicate season, running from October 1st 2019 until end of March 2010. Again there are vacancies available on this ticket and details can be obtained by contacting me on the number below.

Limited guest tickets are also available to non-syndicate members for either 24hr or 48hr sessions at Woodsetts this winter and places are limited to fishing from Sunday to Thursday nights only. Detail can be obtained by contacting me on the number below.

It’s not just all about carp at Woodsetts as this year has seen some good bream and roach catches made by visiting day-ticket anglers. The bream run big and feeder anglers have banked them to 9lb, while the carp syndicate members have recorder bream to 12lb! Big roach will also feature now through the Autumn and fishing with caster on the hook can produce roach upwards of a 1lb in nets approaching 30lb if you get it right! The tench sport can also be good and there’s still time to catch a few while the weather stays warm, before the weed starts to die away for the winter.

For any information on day ticket fishing, season permits for the carp syndicate, pike or carp winter tickets please contact myself, Martin Ford on 07769 212762.