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About us

In April 2011 former editor of Advanced Carp Fishing Magazine and Carpworld Magazine, Martin Ford obtained a long-term lease on the Woodsetts Quarry Pond site and lake. A life-long carp angler and keen to promote carp fishing in a natural environment, Martin has put into practice a management plan for the site. The whole site has undergone an extensive refurbishment, with much of the rubbish and debris cleared not only from the depths of the lake, but also the surrounding woodlands. The fishery is now operated as a Carp Night Syndicate, Carp & Pike Winter Syndicate and Day Ticket Fishery. Existing swims have been re-furbished and new ones built, with the angler very much in mind, and all offer comfortable fishing for short or long-stay sessions. There is also plenty of parking available at the site in one of two main car parks, and in specific parking bays in several of the swims.

The fishery is now CEFAS registered, and since 2012 some 300 carp have been introduced in line with a structured management plan. The introduction of the Horseshoe/Orchid and Farriers carp strain, along with further stock purchased from a former lake in Lincoln, (see our YouTube channel) will ensure a good future for the lake as the carp grow. Several of the new stock fish are heavily scaled mirrors and were introduced back in March 2012 at weights of 7lb to 10lb. Many of these carp are now into and over the 20lb mark. Several upper double carp were also stocked and the average size currently caught by anglers, is around the 20 to 23lb mark. The lake’s original stock, (some of which are thought to be over 30 years old), have also benefited from a regular food source and have shown healthy weight gains. It is now estimated that there about 60 carp over the 20lb mark, and a select few that are approaching or have gone through the 30lb barrier! The lake does hold a mystery common which is rarely sighted but is estimated to weigh in at around 35lb!

Woodsetts is a very old and mature Sand Extraction Pit that dates-back to the 1950s and has been fished by several well know carp anglers over the years. The lake itself offers some exceptional carp fishing and in particular present the dedicated carp angler with all manner of fishing situations. Although not rated as easy, it does offer an equal and fair challenge to all that fish it and will test even the seasoned carp angler! Both the bays as you enter the site are shallow and can become heavily weeded in the warmer months yet give a great opportunity to stalk fish at close quarters… right in the edge! The main part of the lake offers crystal clear water with depths from just a few feet, down to some 26ft along the quarry wall, allowing the carp plenty of areas to disappear into and reside in.

Woodsetts also offers some of the best Tench fishing in the North of England, with day ticket anglers catching several in a sitting. The average weight of most of the Tench in the lake is around 4lb and there is also a good head of larger bream averaging 7lb to 10lb to target. In the winter months the pike fishing sport can be extremely good with up to four or five pike hooked or landed per session! The silver fish fishing for the general coarse angler for species like roach is exceptional and well-known angler Bob Roberts has had 30lb plus nets fishing hemp and tares.
Bream anglers have enjoyed 100lb bags employing standard feeder tactics in the deeper areas of the lake. Other species like Rudd and Perch also provide good sport for the day ticket pleasure angler.

The whole site is a designated nature reserve and has a large area of woodland surrounding it. In the summer it is a haven for Grass Snakes and the main quarry wall is one of the biggest nesting sites in the North for Sand Martins, Swallows and Swifts. The site attracts photographers on a regular basis to capture images of King Fishers and the many varieties of Dragon Fly that visit the water. There is also a strong bat community and the woodland is home to badgers and foxes and deer.

The fishery is open from (7am Summer to 6pm) and (7am Winter to 4pm) for day ticket fishing for all species except pike (see pike rules). Day ticket anglers must book in using the telephone number given on this website the day before they wish to fish, tickets can be purchased using Paypal. There is a gate at the main entrance that is opened and locked in accordance with fishing times. Pike fishing is only available between 1st October and the end of March and there is a night syndicate ticket in operation for carp anglers.
The site is regularly patrolled by Bailiffs and EA Enforcement Officers, so please make sure you have a valid rod licence. There are a fair set of rules which anglers are asked to abide by. They have been put in place to protect not only the fish, but also the surrounding land. Night fishing is strictly limited to syndicate members and there is a current waiting list in operation (there is an application form for the night syndicate elsewhere on this website). Tickets and ticket prices are displayed on the notice board as you enter the site and elsewhere on this web site, as are contact details if you have any questions you wish answered.

Thank you for visiting the web site, please check out the YouTube Channel, our gallery of captures and the other links that are featured! If you have any further questions, please go to the contact details provided on this web site. When visiting Woodsetts, we ask that you consider other users and the surrounding woodland, please, take nothing but pictures… and leave nothing but footprints! For further details contact thew fishery manager Martin Ford on 07769 212762.

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