Limited 24 & 48 Hour Carp Fishing Guest Tickets Available Now. Contact Martin Ford on 07769 212762.

Temperatures are dropping and it’s time to get the pike rods out. In
recent days we have undergone a survey netting to monitor silver
fish and pike numbers. Below are some pictures from the netting,
which shows a very healthy pike population and increased growth
rates, with four 20lb plus pike turning up in the nets and several
smaller jack pike. Visiting pike anglers in recent weeks have managed
up to five takes, resulting in captures to 21lb with most pike being
caught on Lamprey sections. The netting produced one pike of 23lb
in a brace of pike that went 40lb for the two! If you’re contemplating
visiting us for day ticket pike fishing, you must book in the day before
by contacting the fishery manager Martin Ford on the number
below. You must also be aware that we are very stringent on rules
for pike fishing… a large un-hooking mat is a must, plus a 42in
landing net, long nose hook removal pliers and wire cutters… without
these items you will not be allowed to fish.

The carp are still active and last year’s December stocking of smaller
doubles will ensure winter sport this year as they will still feed
throughout the colder months in a bid to gain growth. Syndicate
members are still catching from most areas of the lake. We still have
one or two winter syndicate tickets available for both carp and pike
and details can be obtained by contacting the fishery manager. Carp
guest tickets are also available for non-members on either a 24hr or
48hr basis from Monday to Thursday.

Fishery Manager Martin Ford 07769 212762