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Carp fishing rules

The following rules are designed with ‘you’ and the ‘carp’ in mind and are based around common sense.

  • Fishing is from 7am to 6pm (Summer) and 7am to 4pm (Winter).
  • Fishing is strictly from allocated pegs only, any person found fishing in between swims or from the quarry wall will be banned.
  • Fishing is with two rods only. All anglers must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency fishing licence.
  • Bait boats are not allowed.
  • Night fishing is for (night syndicate) members only. Members can book non-member guest tickets for 24h or 48h periods.
  • No angler will remove/clear or cut, trees, rushes or weed without prior permission. Ask a bailiff if you need a swim raking!
  • All anglers to take their rubbish home with them… please don’t dump it in the woods or rubbish bin.
  • Anglers must have a large, well-padded, unhooking mat and a 42inch landing net with fine mesh.
  • No fixed leads to be used.
  • Barbed or micro-barbed hooks can be used.
  • Anglers must use safe rigs, Naked Chod Rigs are not to be used. All rigs must incorporate the use of either a Leadcore leader (tied correctly and safely), or rig tubing. You must use 15lb mainline minimum! Please make bailiffs aware of crack offs where rigs are tangled on far bank trees!
  • All anglers to be in possession of a carp care kit and to apply treatment to carp’s mouth and body if required.
  • When fishing towards snag areas please lock your clutch up tight and stay with your rods at all times. The stock carp are growing fast and can tether themselves if you are not on your rods quickly.
  • No carp sacks to be used or brought onto the site. If you need to retain a carp for pictures, use your net, or a retention sling with floats on. Don’t retain carp for any longer than is necessary.
  • No fires on the bank or in surrounding woodland. Portable barbeques can be used, but must be cleared away after use.
  • Any angler fishing and found drunk or under the influence of drugs will be asked to leave the water immediately.
  • Please be sensible with bait amounts and particle baits, Peanuts are allowed as hook bait only and are not to be used as feed bait. The same applies to Tiger Nuts. No particle other than sweetcorn, hemp or whole cooked maize to be used as feed bait. Ensure all particles are well cooked and not raw. No free-line bread fishing.
  • Please do not urinate/go to the toilet in or around the swim, please use the woods and dispose of it/bury it in a discrete manner!
  • Please park away from the water’s edge… use the car park or various parking bays around the lake, don’t park on the pegs.
  • Anyone found stealing fish from the water will be prosecuted. 

If you require information on season permits or guest night fishing tickets, or if you encounter any problems at the water, please contact the Syndicate Manager Martin Ford immediately. Mobile: 07769 212762.