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Another busy weekend as we had the Leeds based Zombie Divers in the water on Saturday and Sunday to remove some of the metal work and bad tree snags that have been in the lake for many years. With some serious effort we have managed to recover two 1960 Bedford TK Cabs that were lying in around 12ft of water at the lower end of the lake, and have been since the quarry was flooded all those years back! The cabs were fitted with several lift bags and raised off the bottom before being rowed up the deep channel and into the First Point area, where they were then winched out. More dive weekends are planned for later on in the year, once the clarity returns to the water. It’s possible that there are anything up to 12 cars in the quarry, mainly off the wall area that have been there since the 70s and 80s…but we are going to attempt to get out whatever we can. If you do visit as a day angler, please note that there are three marker poles visible down the wall, these are highlighting snag areas…please do not fish near them.

The stock carp are still doing well and continue to grow. We have started to introduce a feed diet and will continue to feed them through the winter months. It would appear they are on the much as we speak as there is a lot of colour in the water. They are probably on the natural food source in amongst the vast weed beds, which are slowly starting to die away as winter approaches. The additional feed should provide good winter and spring weights as the fish continue to grow.

We have had several phone calls regarding membership since the new website went live, so once again, if you are reading this, details are on the application page. There are a few Winter Carp Syndicate tickets available…but full syndicate is closed until next year and is subject to a waiting list. Day tickets are available, but you must book in the day before you intend to fish. There is no night fishing, nights are for full syndicate members only.

Martin Ford (Aug 2017).