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Welcome to the Autumn up-date, yes Autumn already…where did the summer go? Although there have a been a few captures from the lake in recent weeks, it’s been hard going for most as the carp make the most of whatever natural food larders are left before the onset of winter. Growth rates have been really good and we are well on our way to achieving some big fish for the future. Many of the stockies are now approaching their third year in Woodsetts and have over doubled their weights, with one or two that have really packed it on. It looks like the summer spawning was a good one as there appears to be a lot of fry swimming around and the bigger carp that have been caught have maintained a healthy weight levels.

On the captures front Chris Wrightman from Wakefield has banked Three Scale in recent weeks at a good weight of 28lb 8oz. Both Chris and his fishing partner Wayne (also from Wakefield), seem to picking them off one by one with each visit and one each up to 18lb last weekend. Around the lake other members are still getting in on the action and a recent overnight session saw Oliver Holden bank three in less than 12 hours!

A few dates for your diary!!! As all members should know there has to be a commitment to two work party days in the winter months…in order to be able to re-new their ticket the following June. Work Party Dates 2015:

October Sat 24th & Sunday 25th
November Sat 28th & Sunday 29th
December Sat 19th & Sunday 20th

There will only be a further two days in January, so that’s 8 days in total of which full members have to attend two! If the two days are not attended then that member’s ticket will not be renewable in June 2016! All work party days start at 9am and will finish by 4pm at the latest. You must book in for each day in advance with myself. These dates are also being published on the Facebook page and put up in the car park notice board. You have had fair warning!!!

Talking of Facebook, we have a closed Facebook page for the full members only. If you are having any problems linking with this, just email me or ring me and we’ll get you on there.
Over all the lake is running well and the stock is growing! However, with the increase in usage there are always one or two that can’t for what-ever reason abide by the rules! In recent weeks there have been several rubbish issues, wet wipes, toilet paper etc… Please, don’t do it near a swim…get into the thick of the woods away from path ways! Please take all your rubbish home with you…don’t ram it in the only litter bin on site in the main car park, because then the general public throw theirs on the floor as the bin is full of your stuff!!! On the rig front, there are still too many rigs being cracked off or lost due to breakage. I’m not saying this is all down to members, as we have day anglers on site as well. However, with the weed still quite thick, please think about where you are fishing and whether you can land what you hook. Rigs should incorporate a drop off lead, especially near or around weed beds! Please also consider carp care, I did mention it last time and see that a few more are using carp care kits, thank you!

Please also look at the way you set your rods up in the swim, in the last few days one angler has lost a rod, due to being over locked on the clutch! If any one does retrieve a rod from the Dead Dog area, please contact me.

With October fast approaching there’s every chance of catching fish at their highest weights of the year, so I’ll leave you with this thought… One particular carp, namely the Lincoln Common, last out at 24lb 12oz, has now evaded capture for 14 months… as has the mirror known as Domino!

Have a good Autumn.

Martin Ford