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Well, we are well into the summer and the fishing at Woodsetts has been exceptionally good for the last couple of months with several new 18 to 20lb carp being caught. Venue regular ‘old skool John’ managed to catch 11 in a recent 48hr-session with a couple of twenties and several high doubles included! Other full members are catching regularly from all areas of the lake, with the small bay and the Slipway swim producing good hits. In fact, after a night blanking Lee Burgin moved into the Slipway and had two quick bites resulting in a 22lb mirror and a 20lb common!
As many of you will be aware we had our annual barbeque night and also the Adam Penning slideshow and social event over the weekend of July 17-19th, and what a great success it was. Adam did us proud with the both the slideshow and also the time he spent with the full members at the lake. He even managed to catch a few while demonstrating how he tackles a venue like Woodsetts. There were a few carp caught around the lake during the weekend which was really well attended by around 30 of the syndicate members. Guest angler Laurence Clarke had a lovely common from the small bay, while Josh Bradshaw caught two from Dead Dog and Adam Gardner had one from the bottom end of the lake off the Double Sandbank. It looks like we are going to continue this annual theme and I have already approached and booked Ian Russell for next year’s event which will be held in early July!

One of the things Adam covered in his approach to Woodsetts was fishing in weed and the importance of being geared up for it. As those of you who are fishing regularly know the weed has been quite heavy this year and the need to ‘drop the lead’ on the take is key to getting a hooked carp out safely! Please take a hard look at the way you are fishing and ask those key questions…is my line adequate (should be 15lb), will the lead drop off on the take…and am I fishing sensibly in order to get a carp out of the area you are fishing in? These carp are the future of Woodsetts and if cared for properly, will grow on to be big fish… they are certainly headed that way now. Another note worth bearing in mind is carp care…nets must be 42in and have a soft mesh… if they are not you will not be able to fish! I’d also like to bring up carp care kits…I’ve attended several captures of late where the angler concerned doesn’t have an antiseptic gel to treat either mouth or body wounds after landing a carp… It’s okay spending £600 on a reel… why not spend a £10er on a carp care kit? Another issue that has been highlighted of late is rigs, one or two have been found hanging from trees on the far bank and around the islands, I even extracted one from a bream that had obviously picked up a crack-off! Some of these rigs I wouldn’t even contemplate casting out…they are not safe… your rule sheet states safe rigs…please ensure they are. I will be conducting rig checks in the next few weeks, so if you are unsure about rig set-ups please ask!

Over the next few weeks I will publish the work party list and display it on here, the notice board and the closed Facebook group page. As a full member you are required to attend two (full) days in order to be able to renew your ticket for 2016.

On the general coarse fishing front sport has been good with several day anglers reporting good nets of roach and the odd tench. We had well-known local angler Bob Roberts down for a day and he amassed a 30lb net of roach on good old fashioned Tares and Hemp!

Have a good summer.

Martin Ford