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Hello and welcome to the Woodsetts Quarry Pond up-date for June 2015. Mid way through June saw most of the carp in the lake gathering around the small islands and reed channel area for spawning. The event lasted for a couple of days before the carp started to move out and head off back into the deeper areas of the lake. It looks like we’ve been fairly lucky in that we only appear to have lost one small common, but that’s nature!

On the captures front, the two bays seem to have produced most of the action for members and day only anglers in recent weeks. There have been several stockies banked with weights varying from 12lb up to 17lb, which again shows the growth rates continue to rise. Having said that full member Josh Bradshaw had a three fish hit from the Sand Bank area, getting all three takes between 4am and 6am…then had to go to work at 7am!!! In the last few days and with a bit of warmer weather there have been a few caught off the surface in the car park bay and Lawn swim. If you are attempting to catch them off the top, please ensure your tackle is up to the job, as we have had one or two losses with fish trailing tackle! The weed in the lake is pretty heavy in some areas so please once again do remember the 15lb line rule is now in force.
With the arrival of June the Syndicate tickets have all been allocated for the next twelve months and one or two of the new members have been down to fish. To all new members, welcome to Woodsetts! One or two now have larger vans and the top bar on the gate has been causing a few problems. Please, if you are headed down, give us a bit of notice (the day before being ideal), and the gate bar can be opened for you. First thing in the morning (6.30am to 7am) ring Phil to get gate open, but contact him the day before please. During the first part of the morning George is about and later in the day contact either Richard or myself. With summer here the foot traffic at the lake always increases, as does the amount of visitors that park up. Please, be aware of your tackle, don’t leave kit on display in your swims…be vigilant! If you see cars headed off down the lake track to the bottom car park you do have the right to politely ask them to move on. The lower car park is for anglers only. If you experience any problems regarding this, please contact me.

Don’t forget that we are holding the Adam Penning slide show night on Friday 17th July at the Innings Social Club in Worksop, details are on the main front page of the website and tickets are available now from either myself or Nigel Brazier and are selling fast. There will also be a raffle at this event with some super prizes already donated!

Adam Penning is with us all weekend and will be at the lake from Friday lunch time until Sunday lunchtime to offer advise and answer any angling related questions you might have for him. If you are intending to bivvy up for the weekend, you need to book in with me so that you have a swim allocated, again these are going fast and are being sold on a first come first served basis…but must be paid for to ensure you have a space booked.

Saturday night the 18th will be the annual barbeque night and members and their close family are all welcome. A certain amount of food will be provided, but please feel free to bring something along. A certain amount of beer will also be provided, but again, please feel free to bring some along.
Just a small note regarding rubbish which is being left. In last two weeks I have removed more angler related rubbish, which has been left by syndicate members who have fished over-night sessions. Please if you are fishing overnight sessions, take your rubbish home with you, don’t leave it in the car park by the bin!!!

Members may have noticed that there is now a closed group Face Book page, it’s there for members to swap info and generally have contact with each other. If you are a member and want to join, just send a request and we’ll add you in.

Have a good summer.

Martin Ford